Order, Jeff / Bridges
Artist Order, Jeff
Title Bridges
Format CD
Released 1996
1. Golden Gateway (5:52)
2. Stepping Stones (4:20)
3. Oooooowee! (4:54)
4. I Surrender (4:19)
5. Brooklyn (4:40)
6. New York to New London (4:26)
7. Never Say Never (4:28)
8. The Crossing (3:37)
9. How You Doin', How You Been? (3:53)
10. Span the Globe (5:42)
Notes Bridges literal and metaphorical are the themes on this multifaceted album by composer/keyboardist Jeff Order (Of Ancient Wisdom). Plenty of live musicians keep the album fresh and vibrant. "Golden Gateway" begins the album with a strong and steely sound -- of the city, yet upbeat and almost victorious. More delicate is "Stepping Stones"; harpsichord, piano, cymbal brushes, and fingersnaps offer a gentle path for the lonely sax who gains confidence by the end of the walk. "OOOOOOWEE!" is mysterious and inky in a Casbah-back-alley sort of way. A complete change of pace is offered on "I Surrender," a love song featuring vocalist Tracy Hamlin and David Rhen on alto sax. This piece has the strength of a Whitney Houston blockbuster. Change moods again as "Brooklyn" brings up images of hip acrobatic street dancers. A smoother ride (though plenty powerful) is offered on "New York to New London." "How You Doin', How You Been?" is a friendly and funky musical handshake with delightful vocals. If bridges are what you are after, listen for Julie Baker's violin on "Never Say Never" and "The Crossing." She can really reach out and touch someone. ~ Carol Wright

Arranger: Jeff Order.

Personnel: Jeff Order (piano, keyboards, voice box, programming); Steve Smallman, Tracy Hamlin (vocals, background vocals); David Lightner (vocals); Dale Coleman (guitar); Robin Bullock (acoustic guitar); Julie Baker (violin); David Rhen (flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Frank Young (drums).

Illustrator: Pat O'Brien.