Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Artist Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Title Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Format CD
Released 1989
Label Arista
1. Themes - I) Sound, Ii) Second Attention, Iii) Soul Warrior (5:57)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford)
2. Fist of Fire (3:32)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford)
3. Brother of Mine - I) the Big Dream, Ii) Nothing Can Come Between Us, Iii) Long Lost Brother of Mine (10:21)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford/Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford, Downes)
4. Birthright (6:04)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford/Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford, Bacon)
5. The Meeting (4:23)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford)
6. Quartet - I) I Wanna Learn, Ii) She Gives Me Love, Iii) Who Was the First, Iv) I'm Alive (9:23)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford/Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford, Dowling)
7. Teakbois (7:41)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford)
8. Order of the Universe - I) Order Theme, Ii) Rock Gives Courage, Iii) it's So Hard to Grow, Iv) the Universe (9:02)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford/Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford, Lawrence)
9. Let's Pretend (2:56)
(Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford/Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Bruford, Vangelis)
Notes File under "Yes." When this version of the band couldn't obtain rights to the name, they put their album out under their combined names, but it's still Yes by any other name. Jon Anderson's tenor wails through spacey lyrics, Rick Wakeman constructs cathedrals of synthesized sound, Steve Howe rips high-pitched guitar leads, and Bill Bruford makes his drums sound like tympani. For all that, it's a pedestrian effort for these veterans, not as bombastic as some of their stuff, not as inspired as others, but it definitely has the "Yes" sound. ("She Gives Me Love" even refers to "Long Distance Runaround.") Rick Wakeman - Keyboards Jon Anderson - Vocals, Producer Bill Bruford - Drums, Drums (Electric), Electronic Drums Steve Howe - Guitar Roger Dean - Artwork, Design, Paintings Chanteuses - Singer Deborah Anderson - Vocals (bckgr) Michael Barbiero - Mixing Matt Clifford - Keyboards, Programming, Vocals, Orchestration Rupert Coulson - Assistant Engineer George Cowan - Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant Francis Dunnery - Vocals (bckgr) Joe Hammer - Percussion Programming Carol Kenyon - Vocals (bckgr) Chris Kimsey - Producer, Engineer Tony Levin - Bass, Vocals, Stick Bass Bob Ludwig - Mastering Milton McDonald - Guitar (Rhythm) Tessa Niles - Vocals (bckgr) Steve Orchard - Assistant Engineer Chris Potter - Engineer Steve Thompson - Mixing Michael Putland - Photography Roy Lott - A&R Oliver Bloch Oliver Bloch-Laine - Liner Notes Giles Sampic - Engineer, Pre-Production Engineer Martyn Dean - Design Consultant, Stage Design Christopher Marc Potter - Engineer Emerald Community Singers - Vocals (bckgr) In Seine Singers - Vocals J.M.C. Singers - Vocals (bckgr) Laine Les Chanteuses Oxford Circus Singers - Vocals (bckgr) Giles Sample - Engineer