Shadowfax / Too Far to Whisper
Artist Shadowfax
Title Too Far to Whisper
Format CD
Released 1986
Label Windham Hill
1. Too Far to Whisper (4:35)
(G.E. Stinson)
2. What Goes Around (4:28)
(G.E. Stinson)
3. China Blue (4:10)
(Phil Maggini)
4. The Orangutan Gang (3:52)
(David Lewis)
5. Road to Hanna (4:07)
(Charles Bisharat)
6. Streetnoise (4:17)
(Chuck Greenberg)
7. Slim Limbs Akimbo (4:02)
(Stuart Nevitt)
8. Tsunami (4:39)
(David Lewis)
9. Maceo (4:01)
(Phil Maggini)
10. Ritual (3:44)
(Chuck Greenberg, Chuck Stinson, Phil Maggini)
Notes 2, 5, 8 & 9 udu gudu birds, and percussion on Tracks 10, Ritual" Adam Rudolph: tabla, talking drums, bata, conga, clay drums, g ocals and hand birds on "What Goes Around" and " ssion on Tracks 6, 9, 7 & 3 Haralambi A: background vocals, harvsamp v percussion, angklung, cabasa, gongs and percu ms, log drums, devil chasers, E-mu synthesized llison: vocals and guitar on "Maceo" Emil Richards: marimba, steel dru Bisharat: electric and acoustic violins Special Guests: Morris Do iano, Roland Juno 106, QX1 programming) Charles ercussion David Lewis: Yamaha DX7 & TX7, Memory Moog, Steinway grand p ongs, balafon, bass vibes, marimba, xylophone, p Phil Maggini: bass, vocals Stuart Nevitt: drums, octobans, timbales, g prano sax, wood flutes, double ocarina uitar, mbira, tamboura, vocals Chuck Greenberg: lyricon, tenor sax, so s Assistant engineer: Andy K. d'Addario Shadowfax: G.E. Stinson: g d, CA. Production assistance, recording and mix enineer: Harry Androni y and February 1986 Additional recording at Eldorado Studio, Hollywoo Greenberg Recorded and mixed at Group IV Audio, Hollywood, CA, Januar Windham Hill Year: 1986 Catalog Number: WHCD-1051 Produced by: Chuck