Fourplay / The Best of Fourplay
Artist Fourplay
Title The Best of Fourplay
Format CD
Released 1997
Label Warner Bros.
1. Max-O-Man (5:33)
2. 101 Eastbound (5:56)
3. Higher Ground (4:56)
4. 4 Play And Pleasure (5:30)
5. Chant (6:24)
6. After the Dance (4:11)
7. Bali Run (5:32)
8. Play Lady Play (4:37)
9. Between the Sheets (3:55)
10. Amoroso (5:49)
11. Any Time of Day (6:16)
12. Why Can't it Wait Till Morning (4:01)
Notes Release date: 06/09/1998 Original release date: 1998 Label: Warner Bros. Records Producer: Fourplay Engineer: Don Murray; Brad Gilderman Guest Artists: El DeBarge; Shanice Wilson; Babyface; James DeBarge; Kevyn Lettau Studio Pieces in Set: 1 Catalog#: 46921 Distributor: WEA Desc: Performer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Notes: Fourplay: Bob James (keyboards); Larry Carlton (guitar); Nathan East (bass, vocals); Harvey Mason (drums). Additional personnel: El DeBarge, Shanice Wilson, Kevyn Lettau, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Heather Mason, Michelle Pillar-Carlton, James DeBarge (vocals). Lite jazz, smooth jazz, call it what you will. If the audiophile-oriented instrumental sounds of such artists as Bob James and Larry Carlton are your cup of tea, then this supergroup will be right up your alley. Fourplay combines the talents of James, Carlton and studio vets Nathan East and Harvey Mason, and together they produce a sound that is more than the sum of its parts. The accent here is on smooth, flowing R&B-inflected jazz (or is that jazz-inflected R&B?), as exemplified by the opening cut "Still The One," which features guest vocals by Heather Mason. Things soon take off in other directions though, as Fourplay works in a bit of funk here, a little world music rhythm there, spicing up the proceedings nicely. For a little variety in between the instrumentals, there are a number of guest vocalists, including El DeBarge and R&B guru Babyface himself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES Date: 1998 Length: 55:39 minutes Label: WEA/WARNER BROTHERS Genre: JAZZ Category: Jazz FEAT. BABYFACE/DEBARGE/WILSON LETTAU/MASON/PILLAR-CARLTON CREDITS Performers Larry Carlton: Guitar El DeBarge: Vocals James DeBarge: Vocals Ke