Grateful Dead / What a Long Strange Trip it's Been
Artist Grateful Dead
Title What a Long Strange Trip it's Been
Format 2CD
Released 1977
Label Warner Bros.
What a Long Strange Trip it's Been
1. New, New Minglewood Blues (2:36)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
2. Cosmic Charlie (5:33)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
3. Truckin' (5:06)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
4. Black Peter (7:31)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
5. Born Cross-Eyed (2:59)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
6. Ripple (4:13)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
7. Doin' That Rag (4:44)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
8. Dark Star (2:45)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
9. High Time (5:16)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
10. New Speedway Boogie (4:04)
(Ice Nine Publishing [ASCAP])
What a Long Strange Trip it's Been [Disc 2]
1. St. Stephen (5:22)
2. Jack Straw (4:51)
3. Me & My Uncle (3:06)
4. Tennessee Jed (7:12)
5. Cumberland Blues (5:44)
6. Playing in the Band (4:41)
7. Brown-Eyed Woman (4:41)
8. Ramble on Rose (6:01)
Notes Submitted By: Music & Memories BMG-RCA Record Club edition: D-200821 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Full title: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best Of The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead includes: Jerry Garcia (vocals, guitar) Bob Weir (vocals, guitar) Phil Lesh (vocals, bass) Donna Goodcheaux (vocals) Mickey Hart (drums, percussion) Keith Goodcheaux (drums, percussion) Producers: Dave Hassinger Owsley Stanley The Grateful Dead Bob Matthew Betty Cantor Engineers include: Bob Matthews Betty Cantor Gathering selected highlights from the Grateful Dead's years at Warner Bros. Records, this mid-1970s best-of includes favorites like "Truckin'" and "Dark Star," in addition to earlier tracks like "New, New Minglewood Blues" from their eponymous first album and songs culled from their live set like "St. Stephen" and "Cumberland Blues." Though no conventional greatest hits collection could begin to make a dent in the band's extensive recorded oeuvre, this is an excellent basic overview of the Dead's live and studio output. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~