Krall, Diana / All for You: A Dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio
Artist Krall, Diana
Title All for You: A Dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio
Format CD
Released 1996
Label Telarc
1. I'm an Errand Girl for Rhythm (2:56)
(Nat King Cole)
2. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You (4:07)
(Andy Razaf/Don Redman)
3. You Call it Madness (4:37)
(Con Conrad/Gladys Dubois/Paul Gregory/Russ Columbo)
4. Frim Fram Sauce (5:00)
(Joe Ricardel/Redd Evans)
5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (6:27)
(Al Dubin/Harry Warren)
6. Baby Baby All the Time (3:36)
(Bobby Troup)
7. Hit That Jive Jack (4:16)
(Campbell "Skeets" Tolbert/John Alston)
8. You're Looking at Me (5:33)
(Bobby Troup)
9. I'm Thru With Love (4:25)
(Fred Livingston/Gus Kahn/Matty Malneck)
10. Deed I Do (3:31)
(Fred Hirsch/Walter Rose)
11. A Blossom Fell (5:12)
(Dominic John/Harold Cornelius/Howard Barnes)
12. If I Had You (4:56)
13. When I Grow Too Old to Dream (4:34)
(Hammerstein II/Romberg)
Notes IMP 11642 "A Dedication To The Nat King Cole Trio" ALL FOR YOU was nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Performance. All For You is Diana's moving tribute to the Nat King Cole trio which earned her a GRAMMY nomination. 1. I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm 2. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 3. You Call It Madness 4. Frim Fram Sauce 5. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 6. Baby Baby All The Time 7. Hit That Jive Jack 8. You're Looking At Me 9. I'm Thru With Love 10. Deed I Do 11. A Blossom Fell 12. If I Had You Diana Krall  Vocal, Piano Russell Malone  Guitar Paul Keller  Bass Benny Green  Piano Steve Kroon  Percussion Tommy LiPuma  Producer Al Schmitt  Engineer, Mixed Engineer All For You (A Dedication To The Nat King Cole Trio) Catalog #IMP 11642 compact disc release date 3/12/1996 Personnel Diana Krall vocals, piano Russell Malone guitar Paul Keller bass Benny Green piano Steve Kroon percussion SESSION Produced by Tommy LiPuma Recording Dates: Oct 3 - 8, 1996 at The Power Station, NYC Recorded and Mixed by Al Schmitt Mixed at Schnee Studios, Los Angeles, CA Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab Hamburg Steinway D#0330 and piano technical service provided by Pro Piano New York. Scene: A semi-dark recording studio in Manhattan. Time: Two-thirty in the afternoon -- half past breakfast, if you live on Jazz Standard Time. Benny Green is sitting patiently at the Hamburg Steinway in the piano booth; Tommy LiPuma, the producer, is slumped in a chair in the main studio, fidgeting with his headphones. ("I like to be right in the middle of things. Too many distractions in the control room. Too much stuff to think about.") The shy-looking blonde in the corner booth, waiting for her cue to sing, is Diana Krall. This is her recording session, but you wouldn't know it. She acts as if she were the least important person in the room. A disembodied voice slates the take: "O.K., we're rolling. If I Had You, Take five." Green tosses off four lean bars of intro; LiPuma rests his head in his hands, ready to listen. And all at once, the air is filled with a sound that is soft and warm and strangely knowing, floating out of the studio monitors like the smoke from a film-noir cigarette: I could show the world how to smile/I could be glad all of the while/I could change the gray skies to blue/If I had you... . That's the blonde. ========================= Pianist/vocalist Diana Krall pays tribute to the Nat King Cole Trio on her Impulse! set. In general, the medium and up-tempo tunes work best, particularly such hot ditties as "I'm an Errand Girl for Rhythm," "Frim Fram Sauce," and "Hit That Jive Jack." Krall does not attempt to directly copy Cole much (either pianistically or vocally), although his influence is obviously felt on some of the songs. The slow ballads are actually as reminiscent of Shirley Horn as Cole, particularly the somber "I'm Through With Love" and "If I Had You." Guitarist Russell Malone gets some solo space on many of the songs and joins in on the group vocal of "Hit That Jive Jack," although it is surprising that he had no other opportunities to interact vocally with Krall; a duet could have been delightful. Bassist Paul Keller is fine in support, pianist Benny Green backs Krall's vocal on "If I Had You," and percussionist Steve Kroon is added on one song. Overall, this is a tasteful effort that succeeds.