Moyet, Alison / Singles
Artist Moyet, Alison
Title Singles
Format CD
Released 1995
Label Columbia
1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (3:20)
(E. MacColl)
2. Only You (3:12)
(Vince Clarke)
3. Nobody's Diary (4:31)
(Alison Moyet)
4. Situation (2:24)
(Alison Moyet/Vincent Clarke)
5. Love Resurrection (3:52)
(Alison Moyet/Steve Jolley/TONY SWAIN)
6. All Cried Out (3:42)
7. Invisible (4:08)
(Lamont Dozier)
8. That Ole Devil Called Love (3:05)
(Allan Roberts/Doris Fisher)
9. Is This Love (4:01)
(Alison Moyet/Jean Guiot)
10. Weak in the Presence of Beauty (3:33)
11. Ordinary Girl (3:08)
(Alison Moyet/Jess Bailey/Rick Driscol)
12. Love Letters (2:51)
(Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
13. It Won't Be Long (4:09)
(Alison Moyet/Pete Glenister)
14. Wishing You Were Here (3:58)
(Alison Moyet/Pete Glenister)
15. This House (3:55)
(Alison Moyet)
16. Falling (3:39)
17. Whispering Your Name (3:49)
18. Getting Into Something (4:15)
(Alison Moyet/Pete Glenister)
19. Ode to Boy II (2:57)
20. Solid Wood (4:37)
(Alison Moyet)
Notes Review by Tom Demalon Alison Moyet had over a decade of international success behind her, first with Vince Clarke in Yaz and then solo, and her Singles set served as a timely retrospective upon its 1995 release. The selection of tracks is balanced evenly and arranged chronologically (save for the inclusion of the unreleased cover of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" that kicks things off), opening with three Yaz cuts, including the classic "Only You" and the dramatic "Winter Kills." Numbering among the highlights of this strong compilation are the gorgeous blue-eyed soul of "Invisible" (her biggest U.S. hit), the buoyant "Is This Love?," and the aching "This House." Singles deftly mixes originals and covers (Moyet's canny take on Jules Shear's "Whispering Your Name" is another standout), and the four unreleased tracks will delight fans. With most of her hits present, this serves as a definitive and nearly flawless gathering of the best of Moyet's classy catalog.