Foreigner / Foreigner
Artist Foreigner
Title Foreigner
Format CD
Released 1977
Label Atlantic
1. Feels Like the First Time (3:52)
(Mick Jones)
2. Cold as Ice (3:23)
(Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)
3. Starrider (4:03)
(Mick Jones/Al Greenwood)
4. Headknocker (3:05)
(Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)
5. The Damage is Done (4:17)
(Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)
6. Long, Long Way From Home (2:56)
(Mick Jones/Ian Mcdonald/Lou Gramm)
7. Woman Oh Woman (3:52)
(Mick Jones)
8. At War With the World (4:26)
(Mick Jones)
9. Fool for You Anyway (4:17)
(Mick Jones)
10. I Need You (5:11)
(Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)
Notes Smokin' debut album that propelled the band to superstardom. Every song a winner, including the hits; Feels Like The First Time & Cold As Ice.