Simon, Carly / Coming Around Again
Artist Simon, Carly
Title Coming Around Again
Format CD
Released 1987
Label Arista
1. Coming Around Again (3:41)
(Carly Simon)
2. Give Me All Night (4:22)
(Carly Simon/Gerard McMahon)
3. As Time Goes By (5:09)
(Herman Hupfeld)
4. Do the Walls Come Down (3:49)
(Carly Simon/Paul Samwell-Smith)
5. It Should Have Been Me (4:26)
(Carly Simon)
6. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of (4:59)
(Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)
7. Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night) (4:55)
(Carly Simon)
8. You Have to Hurt (4:05)
(Dominic King/Frank Musker)
9. All I Want is You (3:59)
(Andy Goldmark/Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman)
10. Hold What You'Ve Got (4:42)
(Carly Simon/Joe Tex)
11. Itsy Bitsy Spider (3:42)
(Carly Simon)
Notes Associate Producers: Carly Simon & Frank Filipetti Executive Producer:Clive Davis c1987 Arista Records