The Flower Kings / Alive on Planet Earth
Artist The Flower Kings
Title Alive on Planet Earth
Format 2CD
Released 2000
Label Inside Out Music
Alive on Planet Earth
1. There is More to This World (11:31)
(R. Stolt)
2. Church of Your Heart (9:41)
(R. Stolt)
3. The Judas Kiss (15:43)
(R. Stolt)
4. Nothing New Under the Sun (4:13)
(R. Stolt)
5. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (9:19)
Alive on Planet Earth (Disc 2)
1. Big Puzzle (18:28)
(R. Stolt)
2. Sounds of Violence (6:38)
(R. Stolt)
3. Three Stories (6:05)
4. In the Eyes of the World (12:07)
(R. Stolt)
5. The Flower King (11:26)
(R. Stolt)
6. Stardust We Are P.3 (9:45)
(R. Stolt)
Notes Roine Stolt: Lead guitar, voice Hans Fröberg: Acoustic electric & slide guitars, voice Robert Engstrand: Keyboards Michael Stolt: Bass, bassynth, voice Jaime Salazar: Drums, percussion, voice Produced by Don Azzaro Recorded live at Progday, Chappel Hill, North Carolina, USA on 6 September 1998 and D'Auteuil, Quebec City, Canada on 11 & 12 September 1998