Simon, Carly / The Best of Carly Simon
Artist Simon, Carly
Title The Best of Carly Simon
Format CD
Released 1975
Label Elektra/Asylum
1. That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be (4:18)
(Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman/Kensho Music [ASCAP]/Quackenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP]/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
2. The Right Thing to Do (3:01)
(Carly Simon/Quackenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP]/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
3. Mockingbird (3:51)
(Charlie Foxx/Inez Foxx/James Taylor/Unart Music Corp. [BMI])
4. Legend in Your Own Time (3:44)
(Carly Simon/Quackenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP]/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
5. Haven't Got Time for the Pain (3:39)
(C'est Music [ASCAP]/Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman/Maya Productions, Ltd. [ASCAP])
6. You're So Vain (4:18)
(Carly Simon/Quack/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
7. (We Have) No Secrets (3:57)
(Carly Simon/Quackenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP]/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
8. Night Owl (3:51)
(Blackwood Music, Inc. [BMI]/Country Road Music, Inc. [BMI]/James Taylor)
9. Anticipation (3:21)
(Carly Simon/Quackenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP]/Quakenbush Music, Ltd. [ASCAP])
10. Attitude Dancing (3:53)
(C'est Music [ASCAP]/Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman/Maya Productions, Ltd. [ASCAP])
Notes Personnel includes: Carly Simon (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano) James Taylor (vocals) Carole King (vocals) Jim Ryan (acoustic & electric guitars, bass) Paul Keough (acoustic guitar) Robbie Robertson Andrew Gold (guitar) Bobby Keys (tenor & baritone saxophones) Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone) Dr. John (piano, organ) Paul Griffin (piano) Paul Glanz (piano) Nicky Hopkins (piano) Tony Levin (bass) Klaus Voorman (bass) Willie Weeks (bass) Andy Newmark (drums, percussion) Jimmy Johnson (drums) Jim Keltner (drums) Jim Gordon (drums) Ray Cooper (congas) Eddie Bongo (congas) Ralph McDonald (percussion) Richard Perry (percussion) Mick Jagger (background vocals) Liza Strike (background vocals) Vicki Brown (background vocals) Carl Hall (background vocals) Tasha Thomas (background vocals) Lani Groves (background vocals) Bonnie Bramlett (background vocals) Doris Troy (background vocals) Paul McCartney (background vocals) Linda McCartney (background vocals) Producers: Eddie Kramer Richard Perry Paul Samwell-Smith The first and still the best of the many Carly Simon compilations available, 1975's THE BEST OF CARLY SIMON is an all-meat, no-filler collection of most of the folk-pop singer/songwriter's best and biggest songs. Looking over the track listing, one is reminded of just how many classic songs Simon was responsible for in the early '70s. "That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be," "The Right Thing to Do," "Haven't Got Time For the Pain," "Anticipation," and of course "You're So Vain" still sound remarkably solid. This is particularly impressive considering the amount of radio time they've all gotten in the intervening decades. Simon's husky voice and smart, piano-based arrangements don't sound nearly as dated as those of many of her contemporaries, and while THE BEST OF CARLY SIMON may qualify as a guilty pleasure in some minds, it's a pleasure nonetheless. ----------------------------- Editorial Reviews: Almost any way you look at it, the Carly Simon of the '70s was pretty cool. Her acerbic wit and nasally expressive voice had people comparing her to Carole King, but there was also a weary androgyny to her that wouldn't be seen again until the arrival of Chrissy Hynde. Her songs rocked without quite being rock songs, and were folk-evocative without falling into the singer-songwriter bins. She scored multiple singles hits yet pulled off albums with the best of her contemporaries. This is an early collection, so it misses "Nobody Does It Better" and other later hits. Regardless, nearly all the songs here are worth having. Flavorful and nourishing--and a good package, besides. --Gavin McNett ----------------------------- Carly Simon was among the pop royalty of the singer/songwriter era of the early '70s. This album collects her most popular songs of the first five years of her solo career. Opening with the powerful "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be," and for which Simon received the 1971 Best New Artist Grammy Award, it includes three tunes from the classic No Secrets album, including the number one hit "You're So Vain." Simon's duet with then-husband James Taylor on "Mockingbird" was also a Top Ten hit. "Anticipation," with its classic "I rehearsed those words just late last night," and the repetitive coda "these are the good old days," though merely a ketchup commercial to a later generation, still retains its power here in the original version. Simon's insightful lyrics and evocative voice remain fresh years later. This album is a good starting point for those interested in discovering why. -- by Jim Newsom All Music Guide ----------------------------------