Morse, Neal / Sola Scriptura -- without the artwork
Artist Morse, Neal
Title Sola Scriptura -- without the artwork
Format CD
Released 2007
Label Radian Insideout
1. The Door: (I) Introduction / (II) In the Name of God / (III) All I Ask for / (IV) Mercy for Sale / (V) Keep Silent / (VI) Upon the Door (29:13)
(Neal Morse)
2. The Conflict: (I) Do You Know My Name? / (II) Party to the Lie / (III) Underground / (IV) Two Down, One to Go / (V) The Vineyard / (VI) Already Home (25:00)
(Neal Morse)
3. Heaven in My Heart (5:10)
(Neal Morse)
4. The Conclusion: (I) Randy's Jam / (II) Long Night's Journey / (III) Re-Introduction / (IV) Come Out of Her / (V) Clothed With the Sun / (VI) In Closin (16:34)
(Neal Morse)
Notes The Prog Radio
-- no cover, backcover etc  !!! DEMO
-- only disc