Jackson, Michael / Dangerous
Artist Jackson, Michael
Title Dangerous
Format CD
Released 1992
Label Epic
1. Jam (5:39)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Rene Moore, Bruce Swedien, Teddy Riley)
2. Why You Wanna Trip on Me (5:25)
(Michael Jackson/Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle)
3. In the Closet (6:32)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
4. She Drives Me Wild (3:42)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Aquil Davidson)
5. Remember the Time (4:00)
(Michael Jackson/Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson, Bernard Belle)
6. Can't Let Her Get Away (5:02)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
7. Heal the World (6:24)
(Michael Jackson)
8. Black or White (4:16)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell)
9. Who is it (6:35)
(Michael Jackson)
10. Give in to Me (5:28)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell)
11. Will You Be There (7:40)
(Michael Jackson)
12. Keep the Faith (5:57)
(Michael Jackson/Glen Ballard, Siedah Garrett, Michael Jackson)
13. Gone Too Soon (3:22)
(Michael Jackson/Buz Kohan, Larry Grossman)
14. Dangerous (7:00)
(Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley)
Notes Dangerous Artist  Michael Jackson Album Title  Dangerous (Pop Up Collectors Edition) Date of Release  1992 (release) inprint AMG Rating   (Good) Genre  Rock  Styles  New Jack Swing, Pop/Rock, Urban, Dance-Pop Time  77:00  AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Wisely, Jackson altered his creative process here, jettisoning producer Quincy Jones in favor of Teddy Riley and bringing in several songwriting collaborators. The result is an updated dance-floor success (the drums are way up in the mix), though the songwriting sometimes seem schematic. When Jackson is left more or less to himself, he is less R&B-oriented, notably on the pop ballad "Heal the World" and the guitar-driven pop/rock song "Black or White" (a Stones riff, though taken at a tempo the Stones never attempted). Rather than resting on his laurels, Jackson continues to work hard to maintain and further the quality of his work. -- William Ruhlmann Heavy D & the Boyz  -  Vocals, Rap Sandra Crouch  -  Arranger Siedah Garrett  -  Vocals (bckgr) Michael Jackson  -  Arranger, Director, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Soprano (Vocal), Liner Notes, Vocal Arrangement, Executive Producer, Rhythm Arrangements René Moore  -  Arranger, Keyboards Bryan Loren  -  Percussion, Drums, Moog Synthesizer Shanice Wilson  -  V